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Welcome to the sneak peek of Week 1 in our 10-week online course, where we dive deep into the craft of technical writing. In this free preview, we'll provide a glimpse into the invaluable knowledge and expertise that await you in our full course, helping you take your technical writing skills to new heights. So, let's start this journey together, where you'll unlock the secrets to effective technical communication. 

8 Lessons

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Course Overview

Get a comprehensive understanding of our technical writing course, designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in this field.

Week 1 Overview & Objectives

Dive into Week 1's objectives as we lay the foundation for your technical writing journey.


Learn the essential administrative details and logistics to ensure a smooth and organized learning experience.

Introduction to Technical Writing

Discover the core principles and concepts that define the world of technical writing.

Fun "Quizzes"

Engage in fun quizzes that reinforce your learning and make the process interactive and enjoyable.

Your New Objective

Begin to leverage your newfound technical writing skills to enhance your resume and career prospects.

Week 1 Extra

Access a valuable bonus - a downloadable template to help with your technical writing .